NORDEC will perform the building framework for new PRESS GLASS plant

NORDEC has been selected to perform the production and installation of building framework structures for the newly built PRESS GLASS plant in Lithuania, for which the company DEKPOL SA has been selected as the general contractor.

  • NORDEC will manufacture and install more than 900 t of various metal structures
  • Will install more than 1000 m3 of various reinforced concrete products
  • Will install a roof load-bearing profile of more than 26,000 square meters

DEKPOL S.A. offers to its Customers the comprehensive execution of investment undertakings under the system of General Contracting. Within the scope of the company`s activities, they offer general contracting of the objects together with infrastructure including: investment assistance, preparing concepts, valuation, visualisations, optimisations, contract pricing, designing objects – ranging from construction to contracting projects in all industries.

PRESS GLASS – Europe’s leading glass processing company, supplying its products to the construction industry, cooperating with companies producing windows, doors, facades, glazing and interior structures and acoustic screens.

NORDEC history spans more than 80 years of designing, manufacturing and installing frame structures, envelopes and bridges for the most demanding construction projects.

Christmas Greetings from Nordec

Also this year we have instead of sending gifts chosen to make donation to charity. Our selected charity partner is Unicef as we see that their mission of children’s rights for a healthy childhood and education are worth protecting.

We wish you and your family a safe and relaxing Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kind regards,

on behalf of whole Nordec team

Petri Rignell has been appointed as Chairman of the Board for Nordec Group

Petri Rignell has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Board for Nordec Group. He joins Peter Brechtelsbauer, Group CEO Donges Group and Kalle Luoto, CEO Nordec Group, on the Board.

Petri holds a MSc in Construction Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology, and has extensive career in the construction business. He has wide experience in board member and chairman of the board positions from multiple companies such as Kreate Oyj, Consti Oyj and Sitowise Group Oyj.

“Petri joining the Board of Nordec Group supports our ambitious growth targets and new strategic targets in multiple business areas and geographical markets. He will add value to Nordec Group with his wide experience. I am looking forward to starting cooperation with him as the Chairman of the Board,” says Kalle Luoto, CEO of Nordec Group.

“I am excited about this opportunity to work side by side with my new colleagues at Nordec. It is a company with great potential and I am looking forward to being a part of Nordec´s success story,” Petri Rignell says pleased.


Further information

Kalle Luoto, CEO Nordec Group
Tel. +358 40 552 9682



Nordec is the leading provider of demanding frame structure solutions in the Nordic countries. We have over 80 years of experience in designing and delivering frame structures, envelopes and bridges. We want to optimize the whole value chain of our client from design and production until installation. We have about 650 employees in six countries. Our turnover was around 190 million euros in 2020. Nordec is a part of international Donges Group.

Safety award for Nordec from S&I in Poland

Nordec was awarded a Safety award by S&I Poland. Nordec is subcontractor in the construction project for one of the biggest energy battery production plants in Europe, located in Biskupice Podgórne Poland. Nordec’s installation team received an award for their safe ways of working on the construction site.

Demanding construction project

Nordec is a subcontractor in the construction project of one of the biggest energy battery production plants in Europe being built in Biskupice Podgórne near Wrocław in Poland. The production capacity of the LG Energy Solution battery production plant will be 100GWh.

S&I Poland awards a safety award every month to one of their subcontractors for carrying out work in good accordance with health and safety principles. Nordec’s installation team was rewarded with the monthly safety award for their safe ways of working on the construction site.

Nordec is responsible for the delivery and installation of cladding, roofing, facades and aluminum windows on P4 Formation building. The construction project has been demanding, with a tight schedule. The production plant will be ready in 2022.

Safety at high level

Nordec’s installation team was considered to meet and exceed all the occupational safety requirements on site. All the workers in the installation team were following the safety instructions very precisely. Workers had daily safety meetings as well as safety tours on site. Site managers regularly made sure that all the safety equipment was in place and working well. Additional safety trainings were also organized for the workers.

“We are very happy to receive such a recognition from S&I for our safety actions on the construction site. I want to thank our installation team for the great work. At Nordec, we invest a lot of time and effort to be able to guarantee a safe working environment for all the workers on site. It is a pleasure that our safe ways of working have been noted by S&I,” states Business Area Manager Joanna Gomulka-Komarnicka from Nordec.


Further information

Joanna Gomulka-Komarnicka, Business area Manager/Nordec
Tel. +48 72 847 8313



Nordec’s steel structures for Kruunuvuorensilta – biggest bridge ever built in Finland

Nordec has signed a contract with TYL Kruunusillat for the impressive Kruunuvuorensilta bridge. Nordec will fabricate and install all the steel structures for the bridge to be located in Helsinki, Finland. The Kruunuvuorensilta bridge will be the highest and longest bridge ever to be built in Finland.

Kruunuvuorensilta requires massive steel structures

Kruunuvuorensilta bridge will be the highest and longest bridge ever built in Finland. The bridge will be 1 200 meters long and the pylon of the bridge rises to 135 meters in height. The bridge will have two tram tracks and lanes for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The massive bridge will require in total about 6 300 tonnes of steel structures.

Main contractor of the Kruunuvuorensilta bridge project is a joint venture TYL Kruunusillat which consists of YIT Suomi Oy and Kreate Oy. City of Helsinki is the investor of the project.

Nordec responsible for fabrication and installation

All the steel structures will be fabricated in Nordec’s factory in Ylivieska, Finland. The fabrication will begin in March 2022 and take about one and a half years. The installation will start in the beginning of July 2022 from the Laajasalo side of the bridge. The installation of the steel structures is expected to be finalized by the end of 2023.

The Kruunuvuorensilta project is driven not only by high technical requirements, but also by environmental values, which have played a significant role already in the planning stages. The environmental statements conducted, also strongly guide the implementation of the bridge and affect work scheduling, among other things.

“This extensive bridge project is a result of long and intensive development work. We have had the opportunity to be actively involved in this project already in the very beginning, thanks to our customer’s professional project team. We are delighted to be part of this extensive project and participate in developing Helsinki in a responsible way. We appreciate TYL Kruunusillat for trusting our expertise in this demanding project, and we are looking forward to starting cooperation with them and all the other stakeholders,” states Pasi Parkkinen from Nordec with delight.


Further information

Pasi Parkkinen, Business Unit Director/Nordec
Tel. +358 44 078 9237

Nordec continues strong presence on Swedish logistics construction business

Nordec signed a design and build contract with Logicenters for a new logistics facility to be built in Bålsta, Sweden. Nordec is responsible for the design, manufacturing and installation of the frame system and the envelope of the logistics facility.

Strong expertise in logistics construction

Nordec has strong expertise in logistics construction business, especially on the Swedish market. Nordec signed a design and build contract with Logicenters for a new logistics facility to be built in Bålsta, Sweden. Logicenters is the leading provider of modern logistics properties in the Nordic countries. The new logistics facility will be operated by Dahl, the leading Swedish plumbing wholesaler.

The new logistics center will be 293m long and 30m high, automated warehouse with a separate part for special length goods. Nordec is responsible for the design, manufacturing and installation of frame system and envelope of the logistics facility. The project includes steel frame, hollow core slabs and stairs, load-bearing sheets and waterproofing of the roof as well as the facades including windows and doors.

Structural design ongoing

Structural design work of the logistics facility is already ongoing. Manufacturing of the structures will start during coming weeks in Nordec’s factories in Peräseinäjoki and Ylivieska, Finland and in Oborniki factory in Poland. Raising of the steel frame will commence in December 2021. The target is to finalize the project by the end of August 2022.

“This project reflects well our position and strong performance in such demanding projects within logistics business. It is a pleasure to be, once again, chosen by Logicenters as their trusted partner. We have continuous cooperation with Logicenters and have currently also another common construction project ongoing in Bålsta area in Sweden,” states Sampo Haapoja from Nordec.


Further information

Sampo Haapoja, Business Area Manager/Nordec
Tel. +358 40 507 8002

Nordec tackled challenges – new central warehouse was built in record time in Eskilstuna, Sweden

Nordec completed one of Europe’s largest fully automated central warehouses for the grocery chain Coop Sverige in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Nordec was responsible for the design, manufacturing and installation of the structures. The project was successfully carried out on an exceptionally tight schedule, in just under a year.

Significant size warehouse project

One of Europe’s largest fully automated central warehouses for grocery chain Coop Sverige was completed in record time in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The new warehouse is almost 40 meters high, 530 meters long and 220 meters wide, the total gross area being about 110 000 m2.

Nordec was responsible for the design, manufacturing, and installation of structures in this significant size project. Nordec’s delivery included steel frame, load-bearing sheets, hollow core slabs, facades, windows, and stairs and catwalk. The delivery covered a total of about 6 000 tonnes of steel structures, 80 000 m2 of load bearing sheets, 35 000 m2 of concrete hollow core slabs, as well as about 50 000 m2 of wall panels.

The construction project was carried out in close cooperation with the client Tommy Allström Byggproduktion (TAB). The new central warehouse will become the heart of Coop’s entire supply chain. This new investment will enable products to be transported intelligently and with minimal environmental impact. The central warehouse is located at the end of good transport links and the area will also include a train track.

Ambitious schedule tackled with precise planning and close cooperation

Responding to the challenge of the client, Nordec set out to design and execute the project on a rather ambitious timetable. The construction phase took place in just over eight months and was successfully completed about a year after the contract was signed. The installation speed of structures was up to about 3 000 – 4 000 m2 per week, which required very smooth processes and good project management from Nordec. The central warehouse consists of several blocks and each of them had its own team at the site. Nordec’s experienced project team managed to complete each block on schedule, and to coordinate them with the completion of the other blocks.

“We succeeded in this quite a fast implementation of the project, first and foremost, thanks to the seamless teamwork of the project management and the whole team. We had constant communication starting with the design and production, right up to the installations of the structures. Everyone knew their own roles and the team had a clear common goal,” states Project Manager Aleksei Karttunen from Nordec.

“Certainly, the detailed planning of the project in advance was important, but equally important was the close monitoring and coordination of schedules, availability of materials etc., throughout the project. Despite the corona pandemic, we were able to complete the construction phase of the project safely and considering the restrictions, even ahead of time. I want to thank the whole team for their amazing collaboration!” sums up Nordec’s Site Manager Timo Kants the reasons for the success of the project.

Environmental responsibility very important

Responsibility for the environment and minimizing the carbon footprint of buildings are seen as very important at Nordec. Since Nordec was designing the structures of the central warehouse, it was possible to influence the material choices as well as to optimize the use of steel and other materials.

“We are very pleased to have been involved already in the design phase of this automated central warehouse, whose smart operations also aim to minimize the impact on the environment. With our competent design and efficient processes, we were able to contribute positively to the carbon footprint of structures and project implementation as well as to the environmental impact of the entire life cycle of the building,” Business Area Manager Sampo Haapoja from Nordec states proudly.


Further information

Sampo Haapoja, Business Area Manager/Nordec
Tel. +358 40 507 8002


Nordec receives contractor safety award for DeepMine project

Nordec was awarded a contractor safety award by Outokumpu for the DeepMine project in Kemi Finland. Nordec was manufacturing and installing the steel structures of a 100 meters high mining tower and auxiliary buildings. Nordec’s safety system and experience in handling safety issues in the project were noted by Outokumpu at the construction site of the Kemi mine.

Nordec’s safety system and experience were noted 

Outokumpu awarded a contractor safety award to Nordec for the DeepMine project. Nordec’s safety system and experience in handling safety issues in the project were noted at the construction site of the Kemi mine. Safety management and the implementation of safety work were also reflected in Nordec’s clear scheduling and cost management, which were considered being among the best in the DeepMine project.

“Nordec’s own safety system and the experience in handling safety issues have been noted as being a natural part of the normal routines at the site. It has not been a separate area, but the site manager has taken up the assigned safety issues with determination and taken the measures at the site,” explains Martti Sassi, President of Business Area Ferrochrome at Outokumpu.

Challenging structures and demanding conditions

Nordec was manufacturing and installing the challenging steel structures of the mining tower and auxiliary buildings in the DeepMine project. The construction work was started already in August 2019 and Nordec’s part of the project was finalized in June 2021. Nordec’s delivery included steel structures of a 100 meters high mining tower and auxiliary buildings, steel structures of a staircase and level structures. Nordec implemented the complex structures at the mine under demanding conditions. Installations were made mainly in the lifting tower, but some of the installations were underground up to 1 000 levels.

“One of the structures to be highlighted is the lifting tower’s staff staircase with a stair tower. That is a narrow, about 60 meters high stair structure with 275 steps. Another item worth mentioning, is the so-called hammerhead, a steel-framed, 10 meters-high ‘hat’ above the concrete structures of the lifting tower. Hammerhead was divided into four modules so that the capacity of the construction crane was sufficient to lift the parts into place,” states Kari Huttunen, Project Manager at Outokumpu.

Safety first in all operations

Nordec’s Health and Safety policy sets requirements for providing a healthy, safe and secure working environment for the employees, contractors and visitors in all the projects and operations. Safety played an important role especially in this DeepMine project with exceptionally challenging working environment.

“Working in narrow space in a mining environment made this project particularly challenging. Safety, logistics and consideration of other contractors have been very important. Thanks to the experienced project organization and installation team, we succeeded well in coordinating the work with the client and other contractors. We thank the client’s organization for creating a good working and safety environment,” says Project Manager Jaakko Nissilä from Nordec.

“We had weekly safety quarters as a regular part of our work at the construction site. We discussed all the current safety issues together with the workers at site, such as corona requirements, potential incidents at the site and other important topics raised by the contractor. We all are very happy and honored for this safety award. I want to thank all the workers and partners for the good cooperation and following the safety rules and instructions so carefully,” Nordec’s Site Manager Jani Keränen says gratefully.

Further information

Jaakko Nissilä, Project Manager/Nordec
Tel. +358 41 543 898

Picture (Outokumpu): Jaakko Nissilä/Nordec, Pasi Parkkinen/Nordec, Martti Sassi/Outokumpu

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Nordec delivers comprehensive solution to Järvenpää Bulevardikortteli block

Nordec delivers a comprehensive solution to Järvenpää Bulevardikortteli block in Finland. This is a key project for the development of the city center of Järvenpää with the aim of bringing the services to a new level. Nordec’s delivery covers frame structures and facades for the office and retail building.

Comprehensive solution of frame structures and facades

Järvenpää Bulevardikortteli block is a key project, which aims to bring the services of the city center to a new level. The new city block will cover an office and retail building, a 20-storey tower building and two apartment buildings with about 300 apartments.

Nordec is responsible for designing, manufacturing and installation of the frame structures and facades of the office and retail building. The main contractor of the project is YIT. Total area of the 7-storey building with the frame structures is about 9600 m2 and the total amount of the facades is about 4600 brm2.

Optimizing the process from design to installation

Nordec manages the delivery of the frame structures and facades in the Bulevardikortteli block project from design to installation. That enables scheduling and implementation of all the project phases in the most cost-efficient way. The design, as well as project and production management, is managed via BIM-model.

“We have the capacity and competence for managing this kind of large-scale projects at Nordec. We have the expertise in design and manufacturing as well as in project management and installations. By using our own manufacturing in Finland and Poland, we can ensure that the whole process is well managed and optimized,” states Martin Westerlund, Project Manager at Nordec.

Efficient production and installation save time at site

Nordec manufactures all the steel structures and facades in its own factories. Facades are manufactured in Alavus factory in Finland. All the WQ and WB beams are manufactured at Ylivieska factory and composite columns, secondary elements and ventilation room structures at Nordec’s Oborniki factory in Poland.

Thermoelements are delivered as factory-ready elements, including pre-installed and listed windows, which ensures the structural functionality and that the elements are properly protected in terms of moisture. The installations of the frame structures will be started in July 2021 and the installations of the facades start in October 2021.

“Thanks to the factory-ready elements we can save time at the site. The casing can be closed quickly, and the heat can be switched on, so that the customer can get to the interior work as early as possible,” explains Markku Peurala, Project Manager at Nordec.

Facts about the project

Nordec expertise:

  • Design, manufacturing and installation of frame structures, facades, glass-aluminum windows
  • Design, delivery and installation of load-bearing roof structures
  • Installation of concrete elements
  • Steel-concrete composite frame, composite columns, WQ beams, secondary structures
  • Thermal cladding walls of the outer casing with aluminum windows and wooden windows supplied by the customer, aluminum-structured glass walls, surface cladding cassettes, ceramic tiles and PVP elements and exterior box-like canopy structures.

Size of the project:

  • The total area of the building with frame structures ~9600m2
  • The total area of the outer casing ~4600 brm2

Project period: 2021 – 2022
Client/Main contractor: YIT

Further information

Markku Peurala, Project Manager, envelope and roof structures/Nordec
Tel. +358 40 579 4402

Martin Westerlund, Project Manager, frame structures/Nordec
Tel. +358 40 820 6973

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Nordec strengthens its position on the Swedish steel bridge market – Kalix bridge was launched

Nordec strengthens its position on the Swedish steel bridge market. The latest steel frame bridge was launched in Kalix Sweden in the end of May. Nordec was responsible for the manufacturing and installation of the steel structures of the Kalix bridge. Nordec is also currently working on several other bridge projects in Sweden.

Kalix bridge was launched

The steel structure of the Kalix bridge was launched with six different phases across the Kalix river. The first part of the bridge was launched in January 2021. The final launch on the opposite bank was completed in the end of May. The bridge is about 311 meters long and has approximately 1 000 tons of steel structures.

“Kalix bridge sections with inspection platforms were installed successfully, thanks to the very accurate workshop manufacturing. The final launch of the bridge took about six hours and went completely according to the preliminary plans. I want to thank the whole team for the excellent work,” says Victor Westö, Site Manager at Nordec, with satisfaction.

Precise production planning

Nordec was responsible for the manufacture, installation design and implementation of the Kalix bridge structures. All steel structures were manufactured at Nordec’s factory in Ylivieska Finland. These demanding bridge structures needed three parallel main girders due to the width of the bridge.

“The production planning of the demanding steel structures required excellent dimensional accuracy. The manufacture of support steels for inspection platforms installed with bolt joints was also particularly demanding in this project, due to the intermediate dimensions of several different cross-structures,” explains Esko Anttila, being responsible for the production planning at Nordec.

Extensive project was successfully completed

The Kalix bridge project started already in September 2020. Nordec participated in developing the design and implementation in close cooperation with main contractor NCC and designers.

“This extensive project was carefully planned and scheduled from the manufacture of steel structures at Nordec’s Ylivieska factory until the launch of the last part of the bridge structures. The construction project of the bridge progressed well on schedule, although the installation work mainly carried out in winter brought its own challenges to the installation, welding and surface treatment work,” Aki Viiliäinen, Project Manager at Nordec, describes the project.

Several ongoing bridge projects in Sweden

In addition to the Kalix bridge, Nordec has several other ongoing steel bridge projects at different stages in Sweden.

“We want to operate strongly in the Nordic market of the steel bridges. We have strengthened our foothold especially in the Swedish steel bridge market. Some of our bridge projects are in the planning phase and in other projects we are already in the manufacturing, installation and finalizing phase. In addition to the Swedish projects, we will soon deliver for example three bridges to Åland, which will be implemented in a very similar way as the steel bridges under construction in Sweden,” Heikki Wilén, Business Director at Nordec, sums up the great market outlook.

Further information

Heikki Wilén, Business Director/Nordec
Tel. +358 50 026 0570

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Nordec reached excellent results during its first year of operation

Nordec celebrates its first year of operation since the merger of the two companies in May 2020. Even though the year was quite challenging because of the Covid-19, Nordec managed to reach excellent results. The turnover of Nordec Group was over 191 million euros and operational EBITDA was some 11,3 million euros in 2020.

“I want to thank all our employees at Nordec who have worked hard and enabled these great results. We have successfully managed to combine two companies and brands into one company. Our employees have adapted to many new ways of working not only due to Covid-19 but also because of combining two business cultures together into one effective team,” states Kalle Luoto, CEO of Nordec.

Merger enables synergies

Nordec has been able to obtain synergies, first of all, by combining the operations, knowledge and long experience of Normek and Ruukki Building Systems and secondly, by becoming a part of the international Donges Group. Cooperation within the Donges Group has made it possible to serve all customers even better by widening the product portfolio and enabling cross selling in joint projects around Europe.

The processes in the five production facilities have also been streamlined so that each factory specializes in selected product groups. That has clarified the roles and processes in the whole production network. As part of the merger, Nordec also agreed to sell the production facility in Oulu. The sale of the production facility was finalized on 30th of April 2021. The segment-based organization structure has also brought synergies and enabled consolidation of the strong expertise for similar projects in each business area.

Significant projects ongoing

Nordec has had a very good start also for this year. There are many significant projects ongoing. Nordec has been strengthening the foothold in the logistics and warehouse construction sector, especially in Sweden. There are many large-scale projects ongoing such as the warehouse for Axfood in Bålsta, which is the biggest warehouse being built in the Nordic countries. Nordec is also the frame contactor in the big construction project of the distribution center for Coop Sweden.

The construction market looks very promising also in Finland. Because of the large range of products and solutions, Nordec has been able to gain extensive projects which demand expertise both in frame structures as well as in façade and roof structures. The new living city district of Oops Espoo is one good example of such a large-scale project being managed by Nordec this year.

More sustainable tomorrow

Sustainability and taking green values into account in all operations, is becoming more and more important in the construction projects in Europe. Nordec is investing in finding the best ways to minimize the carbon footprint not only in all the projects, but also in all operations. As one concrete step forward, Nordec has moved on to using renewable energy sources for the electricity in all five production facilities this year. The target is to find smart solutions to minimize the carbon footprint of each product and to increase the amount of recycled steel to be used in the coming projects.

“It has been a very good and eventful first year for us. We are on a good track. I am very delighted to see, how well the Nordec team has developed together. We will continue working in close cooperation with our customers to enable the best solutions for a more sustainable tomorrow,” states Kalle Luoto with confidence.

Further information

Kalle Luoto, CEO Nordec Group

Nordec’s Oulu production facility sold as of 30th April 2021

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority conditionally approved the acquisition of Ruukki Building Systems Oy by Donges Teräs Oy on 17th of April 2020. As a prerequisite for the approval of the acquisition, Donges Teräs Oy undertook responsibility to sell Oulu production facility from Normek Oy belonging to Donges Group to a third party that has the prerequisites for maintaining and developing its business. The divested part of the business is able to operate as an independent entity and carry out the total deliveries of different types of steel bridge structures and industrial structures.

The sale of the Oulu production facility has been finalized as of 30th of April 2021 to a business cooperative including Steel Group Pohjanmaa Oy with its owners Andament Group Oy and Sah-Ko Oy. Employees of the Oulu production facility will continue with the new owner with their current employment terms.

Details of the agreement nor purchase price of the business transaction will not be disclosed. ​​​


For further information of the transaction please contact CEO Kalle Luoto,