ABC Stations

Project: New building

Our delivery: 2008

  • Frame
  • Roof
  • External walls
  • Facades
Cost-effective product and service package

For one-storey business premises, we are able to offer our customers a cost-effective product and service package that comprises the frame, roof, external walls and facades of the building from structural design to installation.

Ruukki has contributed to the construction of the following Finnish ABC service stations:

  • ABC Viipurinportti, Lappeenranta
  • ABC Tupos
  • ABC Auranlaakso
  • ABC Viitasaari
  • ABC Forssa
  • ABC Karjaa
  • ABC Pyhtää
  • ABC Tyrnävä
  • ABC Aura
  • ABC Tiiriö, Hämeenlinna
  • ABC Riihimäki
  • ABC Lohja