Blue1 airport terminal

Project: New terminal

Our delivery: 2006

  • Steel frame
  • Platforms
  • Walkways
  • Load-bearing roofing sheets and external wall elements, including installation
New hangar for airplanes

The Blue1 airline company wanted to build a larger hangar as a result of its expansion programme and, in particular, the acquisition of new MD-90 airplanes.

The new hangar, including offices and auxiliary facilities, is 12,500 m² in surface area and 204,000 m³ in volume. The hangar has a free height of 14 metres and the tallest point is 25 metres. It can, for example, accommodate four MD-90s simultaneously.

All environmental criteria were considered, both for the construction project and the completed building.

Ruukki’s delivery consisted of the hangar’s steel frame, platforms, walkways, as well as load-bearing roofing sheets and external wall elements, including installation.