Fortum Power Plant

Project: New building

Our delivery: 2009

  • Steel frame structures including installation
  • Wall and roof structures including installation


  • Customer company: Andritz
  • Developer: Fortum Termest AS
  • Structural designer: IS-Plan Oy
  • Architect: Inseneribüroo KPME Oü
Functional entities with steel frames and shell structures

Ruukki delivered a steel frame and shell structures, with installations included, for Fortum’s joint electric and thermal power plant in the city of Pärnu, Estonia.

In addition, the solution decreased the amount of workforce needed at the construction site, reduced risks related to construction and improved occupational safety.

Ruukki’s solution provided the customer company Andritz with a construction process that proved accurately and competitively more time-efficient.

Customer advantages were gained by developing swiftly and safely installable, functional entities out of well-designed and mutually compatible systems.