Industrial building – Ekeri

Project: New building

Our delivery: 2018

  • Steel frame
  • Sandwich panels
  • Load-bearing roofing sheets
  • Thermal insulation and moisture barriers for the roof
  • Design


  • Customer: Ekeri
  • Developer: Rakennus Nynäs Oy

Ekeri manufactures frame structures for side-opening trailers and semi-trailers and needed new premises for expanded production. Ruukki supplied the steel frame for the roughly 12,000 m2 building, the sandwich panels used in the walls, the load-bearing steel roofing sheets and the thermal insulation and moisture barrier for the roof. Ruukki was also responsible for installation of the products it supplied.

“From the point of view of our operations, a steel frame is an excellent solution and the building is an open space with no columns to obstruct moving components around. The airtightness of the building and energy saving are also important criteria for us,” states Ekeri’s managing director Matti Laurila.

The air leakage rate is q50=0.7, which Cramo tested in accordance with standard SFS-EN-13829.

“Ruukki did an excellent job in the project. We noticed from the very start that we were working with a company that is used to large projects,” says Magnus Storbacka who was responsible for the construction project for Rakennus Nynäs.