Kodin Terra Store Rovaniemi

Project: New building

Our delivery: 2010

  • 350-ton steel frame
  • 15,000 m²  of load-bearing profile sheets for roof
  • Structural design, fire protection, manufacture and installation


  • Developer: Arina, S Group
  • Main Contractor: Skanska Talonrakennus Oy, Lappi/Lapland
  • Architect: Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Seppo Valjus Oy
  • Structural Design: Insinööritoimisto Juhani Pyykkönen Ky
Kodin Terra is a Finnish store chain specializing in home decor and furnishings. The stores offer tips and solutions to gardening, interior design, and building.

Ruukki has previously contributed to the construction of Finland’s first Kodin Terra store, located in the city of Lahti. The company has also delivered structures for the Tuusula and Pori stores, completed in 2008.

One of Ruukki’s strengths is the ability to deliver all-inclusive product systems. That enables us to supply cost-efficient solutions of frames and façades for Kodin Terra stores.