Kuopion Energia Power Plant

Project: New building

Our delivery: 2010

  • Steel frame with installation
  • Structural design, manufacture and installation of wall and roof structures


  • Developer: Kuopion Energia Oy
  • Customer: Metso Power Oy
  • Architect: Virkkunen & Co Architects
Experience of large power plant projects

Energy company Kuopion Energia is constructing a new power plant, Haapaniemi 3, that will be located next to the company’s two active power plants. The plant will start operating in January 2012.

Metso Power Oy chose Ruukki as the supplier of steel structures for the power plant. The delivery comprises the manufacture and installation of the power plant’s frame, as well as the structural design, manufacture, and installation of envelope structures.

“Ruukki is a reliable supplier, capable of mastering demanding projects such as this one. Especially Ruukki’s thorough exploration of the envelope structure contract significantly influenced our decision to choose the company as our supplier.” -Arto Rantanen, project manager for Metso Power Oy