Maxima Shopping Centre

Project: New building

Our delivery: 2012

  • roof structures with design, fabrication, installation


  • Investor: Mano turtas UAB
  • Main contractor: Lakaja UAB
  • Technical Project: Šeši Laisvės Laipsniai UAB
  • Architect: Tumas Mazūras
Roof structures with design
  • MAXIMA LT, UAB is the largest and the most successful retail chain in Lithuania holding approx. 38% of the country’s retail market. The chain consists of appr. 215 stores. Over 500,000 buyers attend MAXIMA stores in Lithuania every day.
  • New shopping centre in Vilnius, with total area 4,434 m2, was one of 7 shops opened in 2011.
  • The project was completed in a demanding schedule.