Ostroleka Biomass Boiler House

Project: New building

Our delivery: 2009-2010

  • delivery and installation of steel structures for a boiler building,
    main staircase and roof


  • Investor: Stora Enso
  • Customer: Metso

Demanding structures and schedule

  • Large and complex structures for a 55 m tall boiler house. In total,
    Ruukki manufactured 1,300 tones of steel structures.
  • Because of the building height, safety measures had to be taken
    into special consideration already at the planning stage. All working
    platforms had to be temporarily secured with railings and all
    openings covered with thick wooden plates. Around 1 km of railings
    was used in total.
  • Time schedules for manufacturing and installation were
    exceptionally tight.
  • Metso valued our advanced Health-Safety-Environment
    management: regular meetings concerning safety issues and
    detailed work planning and coordination significantly contributed to
    work safety.