Q42 Building

Project: New building

Our delivery: 2016

  • Main steel frame, 650 t
  • Trusses, beams and columns


  • Responsible for the project: BRG Group
  • Design: Sweco Finland
A landmark building for kristiansand

The elegance of Q42 attracts attention. Almost the size of an entire block, the building was finished in Kristiansand, the southernmost city of Norway, in October 2016. The spacious entrance in the sculptural opening in the southeast corner of the building is three storeys high. The three topmost floors of the building have been built above this unenclosed space without supporting pillars.

Q42 has 68 apartments and 8 smaller apartments for social housing. The building also houses an 11-room hotel, a leisure centre with sauna for seniors, a congress centre and a concert hall for 1,300 people, complete with TV and radio studio. The street level lobby, with restaurant and entrance to the concert hall, serves as the heart of the building.

Q42 has seven floors including the technical floor above ground and two below. The energy efficiency of the building is better than required and technical systems are employed.

“Since we ourselves had no experience of steel construction, we bought it from a firm that had. Ruukki was chosen to deliver the steel frame because of its competence and good delivery reliability. We were then able to promise the customer that we could complete to schedule,” said BRG Group’s Arne Bjorseth Nilsen, who acted as the project manager.

“Reliability, delivery accuracy and capacity to deliver for large projects are what I consider to be Ruukki’s greatest strength,” said Arne Bjorseth Nilsen.