Rotebro Bridge

Project: New bridge

Our delivery: 2015

  • Steel structures for the bridges
  • Piles used in the foundations


  • Customer: NCC Construction Sverige AB

Ruukki supplied the steel structures for the bridges as well as the piles used in the foundations. At the outset of July, Ruukki also implemented a massive installation project, where a new 325-metre bridge built next to the old bridge was transferred as a whole to its final site. A sideshift of a bridge of this magnitude has never been carried out before in the Nordic countries. The bridges were opened to traffic on 3 August.

At the point of the bridges, the heavily trafficked E4 motorway crosses the railroad. The junction is one of Sweden’s busiest, with 95,000 motor vehicles and 600 trains proceeding through it daily. During the four-year construction time of the bridge, over 300 million journeys have been made through the junction.

Ruukki’s solution and extended prefabrication enabled the rail traffic to continue without disturbance during the entire construction period, and only minimal detriment was caused to motorway traffic. During the construction work, traffic was conducted via Ruukki’s steel-constructed bridge, which was situated East of the old one. When the old concrete bridge was demolished, the new bridge was transferred in its entirety to its final location. At the beginning of July, the bridge was moved as a whole with its decks, railings and accessories onto the new foundations.

Ruukki’s solution, in which the final bridge also functioned as a temporary bridge, made it possible for the originally intended temporary bridge to be left completely unbuilt. The solution also minimized traffic disturbances.

Ruukki was in charge of the installation of the steel structures including the welds and the sideshift of the new bridge. Ruukki also installed the support structures required during the transfer.