Technopolis Vantaa

Project: New building

The new technology centre

The new technology centre Technopolis Helsinki-Vantaa has grown in stages to become a 65,000-square metre work environment for 3,000 specialists. The proximity of Helsinki Airport is logistically an excellent option for an international or internationalising company.

From 2003 to 2008 Ruukki delivered:

  • Rain screen panels, cladding lamellas, load-bearing profile sheets for building A
  • Steel frame, prefabricated wall elements, design profiles, cladding lamellas, windows and glass walls for building B
  • External wall elements, surface claddings for building C
  • Steel frame, installation of concrete elements, load-bearing profile sheets, external claddings for building D
  • Prefabricated wall elements, design profiles, cladding lamellas for building E

These excellent modern premises at Technopolis Vantaa are adaptable and changeable to suit both small companies and headquarters with hundreds of employees.