Torsvik Thermal Power Plant

Project: New building

Our delivery: 2006

  • Steel frame structures


  • Liljewall Architects
  • Jönköping Energi
Excellent artful design

The large glass sections and window openings strategically complemented the skillful construction of the monumental building. By choosing corrugated aluminium zinc sheets for the exterior, the surface of the building intriguingly reflects sunlight, as well as light from indoor and outdoor lighting equipment. The impressive building has become a beautiful Jönköping landmark.

The facilities of the Torsvik thermal power plant constitute, both as an entity and in detail, an excellent example of artful design.

Liljewall Architects and energy company Jönköping Energi received the 2006 City of Jönköping construction award for the new thermal power plant in Torsvik.