About us

One of the leading providers of frame structures for buildings, facades and steel bridges in the Nordic countries.

We have over 40 years of experience in designing, fabricating, and installing frame structures for the most demanding construction projects. We create value to our customers through reliability, optimum solutions and efficient supply chain.

Our company name highlights our Nordic roots and our strong expertise in design, engineering, and construction.

Building solutions that make a difference

Nordec is your trusted partner for different size of construction projects in a wide range of building types, such as single-storey buildings, multi-storey buildings, industrial buildings and steel bridges.

We have over 40 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in designing, fabricating and installing frame structures, envelopes, and bridge structures. We deliver high-quality construction projects always keeping safety and sustainability first in mind.

We want to meet our customers’ needs and find the optimal and sustainable solutions to be implemented in each project. We create value to our customers through reliability, optimum solutions and efficient supply chain.

Why work with us?


The competence of our experienced and dedicated teams in different business areas develop continuously as they constantly work with same type of projects. We have teams of experienced, motivated, and capable people who come together to make things happen, always treating each other with trust and respect. Our legacy and know-how make us strong and proud.

Efficient processes

We work together through integrated and consistent processes to make reliable deliveries and to earn our customer’s trust. Standardization of processes and technical solutions creates synergies and cost efficiency all the way through the project. This means less time on site as well as safer and more cost-effective operations.


Safety is an integrated part of our operations and daily work. We fight for zero accidents.

Our Solutions

Nordec Sustainability Goals