Steel frame structures

Complete solutions from design to safe installation

Nordec is the leading provider of steel frame structures in the Nordic countries. We design, fabricate, deliver, and install steel frame structures for multi-storey, single-storey, and industry buildings both in private and public sectors.

Optimizing steel frame structures with facades is our key competence. We design the steel frame solutions to be cost-efficient and as sustainable as possible to meet the needs of your project. Safety is first in all our operations. We have four factories specializing in different steel  frame structures and an extensive subcontracting network. That brings flexibility to meet the capacity requirements and time schedules of your project.


Comprehensive, high-quality frame solutions

We specialize in designing and implementing comprehensive steel frame solutions for both small and large-scale construction projects. We take the responsibility of the total delivery of the steel frame structures:

  • project development and management
  • optimizing of the steel frame solutions
  • designing of the steel frame structures
  • designing of the installation of the frame structures
  • controlling of the fabrication
  • coordinating with the subcontractors in the projects
  • deliveries to the construction site
  • safe installation of the steel frame structures

We have over 40 years of experience in designing, fabricating, and installing steel frame structures. As an innovative partner, we are flexible with utilizing many other materials combined with steel. The frame solutions we design and deliver can include, for example, wood and concrete. Our target is to find the optimal solutions together for your project.

Steel frame structures for single-storey buildings

Nordec is one of the leading suppliers of steel frame structures for single-storey buildings in Northern Europe. Our steel frame solutions for single-storey buildings cover many different building types, such as warehouses, distribution centers, terminals, retail stores, sports facilities, and manufacturing & assembly facilities.

Steel frame structures for multi-storey buildings

Nordec is one of the leading suppliers of steel frame structures for multi-storey buildings in the Northern Europe. With the experience and expertise of our sales and project people, we can serve you in demanding projects. The most common multi-storey building types for us are offices, hotels, shopping malls and other commercial buildings, terminal buildings, buildings for education and healthcare.

Frame structures for industry

We have strong experience in designing, fabrication and installing of steel frame structures for industrial buildings. Our refences cover a wide range of industrial buildings, such as power plants, energy storage projects, mining projects, pulping projects and data centers. We are one of the market leaders in Sweden and Finland.

The benefits for your project

Reliable and experienced partner

We have extensive knowledge in designing and delivering multiple frame solutions.

Shortening overall construction time

By optimizing the frame solutions, we can speed up the entire project.

High quality and reliability

Our own fabrication makes it possible to adapt to changing situations quickly. We are committed to fulfilling quality requirements and have a certified Quality management system ISO 9001. Our fabrication units have the right to CE-mark and hold certificates of factory production control.

Close cooperation with our customers

We want to help you to find the most optimal solutions for your project in close cooperation.