Industrial buildings

We have strong experience in industrial building projects

 We have strong experience in designing, fabrication and installing steel structures for industrial buildings.

Our reference list is long and covers a wide range of different types of buildings. Beside heavily involvement in supporting our customers with demanding frame structures and challenging time schedules in battery business related industry, we have a long track record within energy storage-, mining-, pulping projects and data centers.

Our expertise in industrial building projects

We have designed and delivered steel structures for hundreds of industrial building projects during the years. Close adaption to our customers’ need is very important in all the projects. Steel frame is not only a frame for the building, but added structures need also to support the process equipment and MEP installations of the industrial building. Building framework grid and column placements need to be adapted to the layout of the building. Supplementary steel structures such as steel stairs, gratings, ladders, handrails can easily be integrated in the steel design at an early stage.

Steel frame enables the flexibility to support the process and machinery equipment. Steel structures also enable changes to be made in late stage of the project. Structures can be changed or added during the frame installation process. Over-head cranes are typically used in the installation phase of the industrial buildings. Steel is the only material for the necessary crane beams, and they can be easily designed as integrated with the steel frame to achieve efficient installation.

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Our way of working brings many benefits to your project

At Nordec, we have  very efficient processes and a systematic way of working, which saves time and cost  for our customers. Our main target is to meet our customers’ needs. We work in close cooperation with our customers from the early design phase until safe installation of all the  structures that are included within our scope

1. We provide high level of service already in the design phase of the project

We are experts in project planning and in-house design management. We want to optimize the entire value chain during the project. Our dedicated design team defines the most suitable structures and solutions for each project. During the design phase we provide a high level of preparation for fastening wall and roof cladding elements to the steel frame. That reduces the time needed on the construction site.

2. We manage the entire project with expertise

In addition to our own experts, we can provide the project with our network of subcontractors when needed. Our project managers coordinate the over-all project time schedule with client already at early stage. We provide an integrated time schedule for the steel frame, envelope and supplementary structures. Our site managers coordinate the project on a daily basis in close cooperation with our customers.

Project management

3. We have high production capability

We have five factories in Europe. Each factory has their specialization to certain selected types of steel structures allowing us to ensure product quality, and efficient production processes as well as excellent delivery accuracy. High factory output of steel structures to worksite and fast installation of the steel frame enables early start of wall and roof claddings, parallel with the steel frame installation.


4. Safety is always first in all our projects

  • Safety is ensured with thorough planning of the site works before commencement. This is filtered down into work preparation plans describing the safe work sequence and necessary temporary stabilizing and safety works to be performed.
  • Steel frame is designed with liftings lugs for safe handling on the construction site.
  • Steel frame is designed with designated fastening points for cables and wires for the temporary supporting of the steel frame during the construction period.
  • Steel frame is designed with necessary connections for example safety railings.

Health & Safety

Benefits of steel in industrial building projects

Steel is a very flexible and sustainable material for building frames. It offers following benefits to your project:

Steel is flexible material

  • support the process and machinery equipment
  • enable changes to be made during the project

Steel is efficient material

  • enables longer beam lengths
  • structures can be adapted easily to the layout of each building

Steel can be optimized into slender profiles

  • structures take less space and enable more space for the equipment

Shorter project time

  • fast manufacturing and installation on site compared to other materials

Self-weight of steel frame is small in comparison to concrete frame

  • enables cost savings also on foundations

Recyclable material

  • steel can be reused