Normek®Bridge structures

High quality steel structures for bridge construction

At Nordec, we focus on the production and installation of steel structures of composite bridges. Together with our customers, we plan the best fabrication and installation methods for different bridge structures. We want to optimize the bridge structures and guarantee safe and fast installations, so our target is to participate in the bridge construction project in the early stage. We work in close cooperation with construction companies, cities, municipalities, and private road associations.

Most of our structures are fabricated at factory in Ylivieska. Our dedicated installation teams ensure the safe and timely installation of steel bridge structures.

Normek®Bridge structures - our different types of steel bridges

We have an impressive number of references of building road and railway bridges and pedestrian bridges. We deliver, fabricate, and install different types of steel bridges. At Nordec, all bridge related business is grouped underneath the name Normek®Bridge structures.

In bridge projects, we mainly utilize welded girders, I-girders, and box girders. Welded girders are fabricated in our automated welding lines. We complete steel structures ready for installation in our modern factory.

The most common delivered bridge structures are:

  • I-girder bridge
  • Box girder bridge
  • Truss bridge
  • Cable-stayed bridge

Optimized bridge structures

Planning of the cost-effective bridge project begins already in the tendering phase together with our customers.

When participating in the bridge construction project in the early phase, we can optimize all the steps of a bridge project, including fabrication, logistics, and installation. Optimizing the whole process and making it as easy as possible for our customers is always our key target. It is how we can ensure the smooth delivery of high-quality bridge structures in a reliable schedule for your project.

We can deliver steel structures for different types and sizes of bridges in a cost-effective way. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us already in the project development phase so that we can plan and optimize your bridge project together.

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Normek Easy Bridge®

Normek Easy Bridge® is a predesigned standard bridge solution for different roads in Finland. It is suitable for new and existing bridge locations. It is ideal for one span bridges of 11 – 35 meters.

There are two bridge types available, Classic for local and private roads and Premium for public roads and heavy traffic.

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To be at the forefront, you need a history.
We have made more than 1000 bridge projects during the past 40+ years.

Normek® Bridge structures – when history shapes the future.


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Our benefits for your bridge project

Reliable and experienced partner

To be at the forefront, you need a history. We have made more than 1000 bridges over the past 40+ years.
We believe that our experience and heritage make us strong. We are proud of our history and therefore we will confirm it by picking up a well-established market name, Normek® Bridge structures.

For you whom know us since earlier – the same knowledge, the same experience, the same reliability, the same creativity and curiosity to help our customers – as always. We simply want to emphasize that experience in our name by using a well-known brand in this part of our business. In this way, we combine the best of both worlds – the new modern approach of Nordec together with the knowledge and experience of our predecessors and the strength of the Normek brand.

Normek® Bridge structures – when history shapes the future.

Shortening overall construction time

We have high prefabrication grade, which means you need less time on the construction site.

Good quality and reliability

We provide you with high-quality steel structures. The quality of bridge structures is guaranteed by good experience, with modern working methods and automated fabrication processes. In addition, independent quality control ensures product quality.

Easy communication from development to execution

Interactive tendering process. Well-planned and consistent project management and performance with regular meetings and workshops. Multilingual project teams.

Dedicated installation teams

We guarantee top quality and safe installations. We have experienced and reliable installation teams. Safety always comes first in all our operations. Read more about our safety processes.

Bridge installation methods

We are glad to help you to define the best bridge installation method for your project. Launching is a typical method to install a steel bridge. Another method is lifting the bridge in elements and sections or as one structure. The installation method can also be a combination of different methods. Read more about our installation experience.

The bridge project together with Nordec

1) Early phase project development 

  • Definition of the most suitable and most cost-efficient steel bridge types for your project
  • Price indication for different solutions
  • Definition of the installation methods with site arrangements
  • Installation proposal with preliminary drawings

2) Proactive bidding process

  • Reception of RFQs and pre-study of documents
  • RFQ clarification meeting with the customer
  • Our development ideas and proposals
  • Price estimation
  • Tender preparation with relevant technical documents and site arrangements

3) Execution of the project 

  • Participation in design meetings and development work
  • Project planning with relevant documentation
  • Scheduling of different work phases
  • Fabrication of steel structures
  • Site installation by our own methods and equipment
  • Final painting on site
  • Final documentation (inspection reports and certificates)
  • Final settlement and project handover
  • Customer feedback


Normek® Bridge structures - when history shapes the future

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