Sustainability in steel construction

Sustainability in steel construction

Nordec’s steel structures have a long life span due to their durability and strength. The environmental impact of steel structures can be decreased by using recycled steel material and high strength steel. The circularity of steel brings along many benefits for sustainability in steel construction. Steel structures can be recycled and reused.

We want to minimize the environmental impact of our products by optimizing material usage and waste. We work together with our material suppliers and customers to find the most sustainable solutions for each project.

The circularity of steel: Steel is 100% recyclable

Steel is the only building material that can be 100 % recycled. The circularity of steel is a clear benefit compared to many other construction materials like concrete or wood. The recycling possibilities are endless. Steel structures contribute to sustainable construction methods.

Steel frame solutions are very flexible and adaptable for changes which extends the life cycle of the buildings. The layout of the buildings with steel structures can be tailored to suit the changing needs and requirements of the building. Reinforcement and expansion can be implemented cost-efficiently. Because of the bolted joints, the steel structures can also be dismantled and reused in another construction project. Customizability of the steel structures and longer life cycle of the buildings have a positive impact on sustainability in steel construction.


The sustainability of steel in construction

Creative Freedom

Steel allows for creative freedom, e.g., producing a suspended filigree supporting structure.

100 % recyclable

Steel is sustainable. It has an infinite life cycle and is therefore a renewable building material.


Steel is flexible. Steel structures are highly adaptable and expandable. Reinforcements, expansion, and dismantling can be implemented cost-efficiently.


Steel is a versatile material. It is suitable for commercial buildings as well as for sophisticated architectural structures.