Central warehouse the size of 14 football pitches will be completed in Bålsta, Sweden – Nordec manages large-scale project

One of the largest central warehouses in the Nordic countries is under construction for the food retail group Axfood in Bålsta Sweden. Nordec has an extensive role in the structural implementation of the construction project. Nordec’s ability to manage large-scale building contracts and strong expertise in projects in this sector are particularly important in this exceptionally extensive project. Nordec has a very strong foothold in the warehouse construction sector, especially in Sweden.

Nordec designs and delivers frame structures

The new 124,000 m2 central warehouse is under construction in Bålsta. The warehouse is equal to about 14 normal-sized football pitches. It is the largest single project for both Nordec and SS-Teracon, the partner responsible for the design of steel frames and hollow core slabs in the project.

The optimization of steel structures has been important for both the customer and the supplier. Nordec’s contract includes the steel frame of warehouse, designed, manufactured and installed, as well as the delivery of the hollow core slabs, façades, roof and the load bearing profiles. The warehouse is developed by NREP Logicenters.

Expertise in managing a large-scale projects

In such a large warehouse building project, the coordination of different design parts has required dedication and time. Sampo Haapoja, Business Area Manager  responsible for Bålsta’s project, believes that Nordec’s extensive operating model used in previous projects in Sweden brings a lot of benefits to the customer also in the Bålsta project.

“When the load-bearing frame and facade structures are integrated into a single project, the customer is relieved of the risks associated with coordination and contract interfaces. In this case, we are responsible for both the design and the installation, so that all products are installed on schedule and safely. The coordination of schedules in different parts of a project of this size, taking into account the stability during installation and other factors affecting the work, is such that us managing the whole project entity enables a peaceful night’s sleep for the customer,” explains Sampo Haapoja.

“The steel frame is only part of the whole in this project. Logistics management and security of supply are therefore the key factors in the fact that both our own and our partners’ deliveries have always been on time at the site. Our own installation team has been responsible for the frame installation. Our trusted long-term partners have been involved in the installation of the elements and of roofs, i.e. in the installation of heat and waterproofing,” Haapoja continues.

Strong foothold in warehouse construction in Sweden

Sweden is seen as an important market, especially in logistics and warehouse construction sector, due to its central location. Finnish expertise is appreciated in the field and Nordec has been very involved in this construction segment. “Bålsta will become one of the largest central warehouses of the food retail in Northern Europe. One important factor for getting this project has been Nordec’s experience and expertise in buildings of this sector. I dare to say that Nordec is the market leader in this segment. The results have spoken for us and a good reputation helps us with getting new projects continuously,” Haapoja says.

Bålsta’s new central warehouse will be completed in 2023. However, the contributions to the project by SS-Teracon and Nordec will be completed well before that. “We started work at the construction site in early June 2020 and the main structure is expected to be completed in June 2021. We just concluded, together with the client, that everything has progressed well so far. We are partly ahead of the timetable and there are no delays so far. High-quality planning at every stage is the basis for successful project management”, states Sampo Haapoja.

In addition to Bålsta, Nordec is implementing a new, large warehouse for the food supplier chain Coop in Eskilstuna Sweden. In the past, Nordec has played a key role in the construction of Coop’s central warehouses in Norway and Lidl in Sweden and has also implemented many warehouse and logistics projects of other industries.

Further information

Sampo Haapoja, Business Area Manager Single-storey, Nordec
Tel. +358 40 507 8002

Source: Teräsrakenne Magazine, Arto Rautio, Suomalaisosaaminen kovassa kurssissa Ruotsissa,
Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association 1/2021, 44 vol, pages 30 – 34

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