Nordec strengthens its position on the Swedish steel bridge market – Kalix bridge was launched

Nordec strengthens its position on the Swedish steel bridge market. The latest steel frame bridge was launched in Kalix Sweden in the end of May. Nordec was responsible for the manufacturing and installation of the steel structures of the Kalix bridge. Nordec is also currently working on several other bridge projects in Sweden.

Kalix bridge was launched

The steel structure of the Kalix bridge was launched with six different phases across the Kalix river. The first part of the bridge was launched in January 2021. The final launch on the opposite bank was completed in the end of May. The bridge is about 311 meters long and has approximately 1 000 tons of steel structures.

“Kalix bridge sections with inspection platforms were installed successfully, thanks to the very accurate workshop manufacturing. The final launch of the bridge took about six hours and went completely according to the preliminary plans. I want to thank the whole team for the excellent work,” says Victor Westö, Site Manager at Nordec, with satisfaction.

Precise production planning

Nordec was responsible for the manufacture, installation design and implementation of the Kalix bridge structures. All steel structures were manufactured at Nordec’s factory in Ylivieska Finland. These demanding bridge structures needed three parallel main girders due to the width of the bridge.

“The production planning of the demanding steel structures required excellent dimensional accuracy. The manufacture of support steels for inspection platforms installed with bolt joints was also particularly demanding in this project, due to the intermediate dimensions of several different cross-structures,” explains Esko Anttila, being responsible for the production planning at Nordec.

Extensive project was successfully completed

The Kalix bridge project started already in September 2020. Nordec participated in developing the design and implementation in close cooperation with main contractor NCC and designers.

“This extensive project was carefully planned and scheduled from the manufacture of steel structures at Nordec’s Ylivieska factory until the launch of the last part of the bridge structures. The construction project of the bridge progressed well on schedule, although the installation work mainly carried out in winter brought its own challenges to the installation, welding and surface treatment work,” Aki Viiliäinen, Project Manager at Nordec, describes the project.

Several ongoing bridge projects in Sweden

In addition to the Kalix bridge, Nordec has several other ongoing steel bridge projects at different stages in Sweden.

“We want to operate strongly in the Nordic market of the steel bridges. We have strengthened our foothold especially in the Swedish steel bridge market. Some of our bridge projects are in the planning phase and in other projects we are already in the manufacturing, installation and finalizing phase. In addition to the Swedish projects, we will soon deliver for example three bridges to Åland, which will be implemented in a very similar way as the steel bridges under construction in Sweden,” Heikki Wilén, Business Director at Nordec, sums up the great market outlook.

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